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These LED's replace your original 3157 (2004-Up) or 1157 (1982-2003) Fender Mount center Brake & Tail, & both 1156 Turn Signal Lamps on 2004-Up! These LED's Fit Harley Davidson; most "automotive" 1156's and 1157's LED's do not fit the "Bullet" style Turn Signal Sockets!


  • Be Safe: Enhance your visibility from the rear. Do not wait for your existing bulbs to fail, it leaves you dark! The quick action and extra brightness of the LED Lamps draws attention when you signal and stop!
  • Easy Install: Just plugs in! Do Not replace your entire assembly just to have LED!
  • Complete Kit: Nothing else to buy. There is no power wasting resistor required, just plug these LED's in and they work!
  • Installation: No Issues! These lamps do not interfere with your dash or front Turn Signal lights! A screwdriver is all you need. Just plug into your existing Harley Davidson socket!
  • Operation: Bright White, brighter than your original bulbs!
  • Fitment: All Harley Davidson with:
    • LKR2004-LW: Rear Kit; 3157, (push-in, no twist) rear center Stop/Tail & (2) 1156's
    • RLK1156LW-50: Rear Turn Signal Kit; (2) rear Turn Signal Replacement Lamps (2004-Up)
    • L1157LW-50: (1) rear Fender Mount Stop/Tail Lamp Replacement. (1982 to 2003) This lamp may be used in the front turn signal housings. However, it requires a resistor which we do not offer. The front  lamps will not flash without a resistor.
  • Warranty: 13 month's from date of sale

LED Lamps and Kits; Sportster and Big Harley

PriceFrom $4.95
    • Shipping: USPS, First Class Mail
    • Guarantee: 30 day exchange or refund
    • California Residents: Sales tax charged at checkout
    • Questions? Please see below.
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