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Products Description 

  • All items are new except rear pulley. Rear pulley is a good used 70 tooth Harley pulley machined for Sportster.
  • Finishes Available. See photos:
  1. Harley style Black Wrinkle, Black with black outer ring: XXX=BBR
  2. Harley style Black Wrinkle, Black with bright outer ring: XXX=BPR
  3. Natural aluminum gray with bright outer ring: XXX=GPR
  4. Polished with Polished Ring: XXX=PPR
  • Install instructions included
  • Include your year and model. We will preset The Corrector for the change.

Model Application

  • 2010-2020, 883 or 20004-2020, 1200
  • City Performance Front & Rear Pulley Kits

Kit Descriptions

Front & Rear, Pulleys only; SP2870XXX-2

Front & Rear, Pulleys & Pulley Tools; SP2870XXX-2B

Front & Rear, Pulleys & Speedometer Corrector; SP2870XXX-2C

Front & Rear, Pulleys & Tools & Speedometer Corrector; SP2870XXX-2G

Bolt Head Cover Kit

Aluminum billet painted black.

Set screws and wrench included.

    2005-2020, 1200, City Pulley Kits

    PriceFrom $29.95
    • Fitment:

      • 2010 - 2020, 883

      Accessory Kits: 

      • Pulley Tools, add "B" (Pulley Holder and Socket)
      • Speedometer Corrector, add "C"
      • Speedometer Corrector & Pulley Tools, add "G"
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