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2005 XL883L

32T Front Pulley (Interstate Kit)

66T Rear Pulley

2003 XL1200

32T Front Pulley Kit


Holy cow! Thank you so much!!

I just wanted to thank you once again. This is BY FAR the best thing I have done to my Sporty!! It rides smoother through town as well as on the highway! I am able to ride in town more comfortably, as there are a few speed limits that were a “weird place” in stock gearing. No longer the issue. It even is smoother on down shifting... At 70-80mph, I can hang with traffic with no worries of running out of gear or blowing the motor at high rpm. It runs at 75 so smoothly and WAY less vibrations, tension.... overall I am THOROUGHLY ECSTATIC!! And with the detailed instructions and quality of fit/finish of your products, I will recommend this kit to ANYONE looking for more from their sportsters. You have two HUGE fans in the Texas Panhandle off of I-40 in me and my brother who, both love this kit! Thanks again, you saved me from having to buy a different bike to cruise I-40 with. We will also be ordering the speed correctors in the near future!!

Sorry to bother you again, but could you share with me what to expect as far as lower gears from a stand still, with both front and rear changes, is it like starting in 2nd gear? Or what kind of acceleration deficit will I be left with on my ‘05 883... I hope my question is not too confusing thanks again in advance!

Just driving around town you won't miss any "giddyUp". You may even find town driving is more pleasant, just driving, because you are not forced into an immediate 2nd gear shift, and it doesn't seem that you are always "roaring" just to keep up with traffic. With the pulley changes 1st gear is still lower than your 2nd gear is now. However, when you launch hard, full throttle, you will notice a difference.
The only reason to change these pulleys is for speeds above 65 mph; and there you will fully appreciate the difference in your bike!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


2015 Iron XL883N

31T pulley (Gold Kit)

68T rear (I'll buy the 66 rear when it is available)


I spend most of my riding in town, around 30-55 mph, which, on a sporty, is right about ideal. However, as many people have found, hitting the highway is a must sometimes and the 883 in particular will run a little high in the RPM's at 70-75. I was sitting around 4000 RPMs at 75 on the highway and almost felt guilty running my bike that hard. When I found this site I was thrilled that I could get a good pulley that would help mitigate those high RPMs I was getting on the highway. With the 31T pulley, I have a comfortable cruising speed at around 75 at 3600-ish RPMs. And at 70 its about perfect. I didn't lose much of my torque on the low end but it definitely gave me more 'gear' up top. Great solution to a frustrating problem! If you spend any time on the highways, this is a great way to stretch the abilities of your sporty! AND, on a side note, Robert and his team are easily the best group of people to work with I've ever found! They've answered every question or concern I've had all through the install and purchasing process! Best customer service I've ever had, HANDS DOWN. If you're on the fence, just do it! It'll change your ride more than you'd ever think!


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Interstate Flyer Combo Kit; 32/66

I got the interstate flyer kit for my '13 1200 sporty. I do a lot of interstate riding and most of which I spend above 70. This kit works great and did exactly what I wanted. It dropped my rpm's significantly at 75 and up. Vibration was greatly reduced and as a result comfort was increased; less hand numbness and ass fatigue. Clearance is a consideration, the front sprocket cover needs a lot of work to be free and clear of the belt. To be honest most of my riding is solo, so I keep it off. A little filing got the motor side touched enough to clear the bigger sprocket. My 4th gear is just a bit shorter than my 5th used to be, which means that 50-70 mph I have a lot of acceleration available. Once I pass 70 I kick it into 5th and my bikes runs like a scalded dog. My motor is pretty close to stock, slip ons, K&N element in stock breather and I use a V&H FP3 tuner and have my map just right. Oil cooler and flo stainless mesh filter help keep her cool. I can have 2 up in 5th going up a descent hill and not have to downshift to accelerate. I am very very pleased and this is a vital component to having my sportster interstate ready. I put 2500 miles the first weekend I had this kit on. Here are some things to consider as possible drawbacks #1 if you do not spend a reasonable amount of time doing over 70 mph then you will not get much use out of this kit. #2 the tension on my primary chain is way more important now with the bikes demand on torque, not a negative really but a difference I had to figure it out and one more thing I have to stay more on top of. #3 the speedometer correction device did not work correctly. I cannot fault the chip because I was running a tuner on the bike. There was a bleed over in the electrical system and when I throttled down my speedometer would get all wonky. I was leading a pack and some of the guys behind me were telling me my speed was inconsistent, I removed the chip and used the FP3 to recalibrate my speedometer it's as right as the rain. #4 installation of this kit is technical. Removing the transmission sprocket nut is a chore, it took me 2 afternoons for just that. Fixing the clearance issues on the cover will require some significant alterations to it. If you happen to be a metalworker who is comfortable with aluminum, and I am, then right on but the average joe who doesn't have access to die grinders and metal saws might find themselves getting discouraged. All that being said; I LOVE this kit. It turned my sportster into a touring bike. The guys I ride with on street glides and ultra's are telling me we need to stop more often and to slow down. I wouldn't hesitate to put this kit on my bike again. 


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32 Pulley_AZ4.jpg
32 Pulley_AZ1.jpg

32TS-2C: 32 Tooth Front Pulley & Speedometer Corrector

2005/883L, Arizona


Hi Mark!

It has been a while since you got our Pulley Kit and I was wondering how things are going? We would love to hear your comments on installation and operation! Pictures are always welcome too!
Thank you,

Very happy! Very good and high quality out of the box. very easy to install if you have basic mechanical skills, with a little fabricating in your blood. ('05 xl883L Sportster carburetor) I must say it's everything I hoped for.

I was considering putting a 1200 jug kit on to get more top end at every gear. From 1st gear thru to 5th it just always felt like I had more than enough power just to short of gears. Especially once in 5th gear. even at 45 mph - 75 mph was always clutching and checking if I did shift thru 5th. NOW. from first to 5th gear I have what I feel is just the right gearing were I'm not using 5th until 55 mph or higher and now if anything I'm using / staying in a lower gear below 50 mph.

Now if your one to jump off the line you might not like the loss of get up and go. And in 5th gear if you slow down on a incline / hill you might have to down shift. It's kind of like my dodge ram diesel ( turbo ) now if I leave the line correct it get's up and goes, and does better than before as I don't have to shift as fast. but if you lug it and don't throttle just right it bog's a little and if you decide you need to blow past the traffic you have to wait for the delay of the turbo pressure to equal and kick in and go. Otherwise, I mostly ride slow off the line looking for the car that's not stopping for the red light and or don't race around and I still have all the power I need and it could still be that I need to adjust my secondary in my carb to a better balance still, after putting stage one pipes and air filter on a while back. The only other draw back and it's on Harley if you ask me, is that if your using the same belt, your rear axle adjuster will be all the way to the ends. I don't see that the wheel being that far forward is an issue, but they must make the bolts that short so you don't go any shorter and or put your wheel base in any further. Myself. I just put crown nuts on and drilled a hole in the bolt/ adjuster with a cotter pin. I have 6 gears now!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

31 Tooth
(2007/1200) Washington


I put my new 31 tooth pulley on today, took my 1200 sportster for a ride and wow ! What a difference, the bike hits 45 mph easily in 1st gear with so little loss of torque it is hardly noticeable, I absolutely love the gearing now, oh I watched a video on u-tube  and they said you have to remove the rear exhaust, you don't, you only need to remove the rear heat shield to be able to get the 3/8's size bolt from the pulley cover, I just thought I'd pass that info along for the next guy or gal, so thanks so much, and I will spread the word about your company.


Jerry H. Lv. Wa.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Handlebars & 32 Tooth

(2005 Custom) Michigan



I purchased the handlebars from you and the 32 tooth pulley. Both have been great!!. The pulley is a dramatic change on the ride along with the handle bars.  

I have a 2005 883 Custom and the electrical wires were extremely tight after installation. It was necessary to remove the seat and tank, then unplug the wires that led to the bars and reroute them to the outside of the riser under the handle bars. I also reran them from in front of the front gas tank mount o behind it. This worked well and ended up with enough slack in the wires that I could use the plastic clamps again on the bars. 

I am thinking the XL Custom may be a bit different than other sportsters.  

No big deal, just thought I would give you a heads up.  

Well, time to go for another ride. Sure is nice not to have my hands / wrists not numb up on every ride!! 




Linden, MI

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Interstate Handlebars
(2015/1200T;  Arkansas)

Got the Bars on yesterday, very little changes needed to wiring, rode the bike over 150 miles today, comfort improvement unbelievable. Love these handlebars very much and make my XL1200T Look fantastic. First picture are the stock bars...

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32/66 Pulleys, "Interstate Flyer" Kit

(883; Maryland)

I rode it 5 miles no problem yet. I’m keeping a eye on belt and clear so far. If it starts to rub i’ll just eliminate the bottom bolt. The performance is better than I expected. 1st gear taking off is better than I thought it would be. I was shock at how easy it was to start in low gear. 60 mph was awesome. I need to check the speedo for accuracy yet. I’ll keep you informed. Feel free to use my comments on your web site. 

Thanks again

I find it very comforting to experience a retailer looking out for the consumer as to the extent as you have. Boyd 


I love the 32-66 gearing. Just thinking about changing the primary sprocket to a 38 tooth. What is the difference in rpm’s and has anyone done this?


Hi Boyd:

Nice to hear you are enjoying your new setup! This is the setup I run.
Changing the 34 engine sprocket to a 38 is done; it is an additional 11.7%! This change is the alternate to the 32 tooth. It has benefit because this change is "ahead" of the VSS so your speedometer is not be affected.
However, this change in addition to the 32/66 is pretty steep, there is a good chance you will not enjoy it at all for any low mph driving; like around town or even 2-lane. Consider how often you run above 75 mph before you make this investment in taller gearing.
My last rear tire I installed a 160, about 6% change. I consider this addition perhaps too much for my 883 around town, but this is just me. I have supplied 32's to guys running 1200's, and you'll only be 3% taller with the 66. I'd like to hear from you, whatever choice you make.
Thank you,

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32/66 Tooth, "Interstate Flyer" Kit


Hi Robert,

Hope you're OK after your accident. I just wanted to let you know the 32/66 pulleys have made all the difference. Much smoother on the highway.

I've ordered your handlebars today. I've got 12 inch mini-apes. They're OK but a bit tiring on a long run. Not enough pullback like yours . So the new bars should hopefully make a difference.



Brisbane, Australia

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

30 Tooth, Gold Kit

(2001, 883) New York

Dear Robert, 

Today I installed the 30t gold pulley package on my '01 /883. It was an easy job, and the instructions were right on the money. The socket is just perfect for the job. Took me about and hour and a half. 
Took it out for a 75 mile highway ride, and I am amazed at the difference. 65 was a good cruise speed yesterday, but today 75 was a better cruise today with the new pulley. I can still cruise in 5th gear at 55, but to accelerate, i have to kick down to 4th. There is still tons of power left when accelerating from 65 in 5th gear. 
I also installed the speed corrector,which you kindly preset before you sent it, and checking speedo's on vehicles next to me it was accurate. Miles were accurate too as i was checking the odometer against mile post markers on the highway. I can't wait to run a few tanks of gas and see what the gas mileage goes to. I was running from 55 to 60 mpg before the change. 
Thanks for all the research and effort you put into these products. This was a great deal, a great price, and I couldn't be happier.


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32 Tooth, Gold Kit

2005/883L (The Wifes' Bike!)

Robert,  I want to thank you for all of the info that you've gathered and the time that you spend to answer any and all questions. You are truly dedicated to your profession. My wife, and I, are overwhelmed with the outcome of the 32T front pulley change.  My wife liked her 883L.  It was the perfect size for her.  She is short and petite.  We were at a cross road. Trying to figure out how to get a six speed trans or upgrade to a bigger bike.  She was just having a hard time keeping up without feeling the motor was going to blow with the high rpm.  We did the changeover today,  and now she really loves the bike.  All of the reviews were right on.  We actually think it turned out better than what we expected.  She can Finally USE 2nd and 3rd gear.  She was really worried about the clutch coming out for first gear. It was really no different than before.  Just slightly giving it more gas. She was worried it would be too drastic.

 Thanks again, Ron & Kim. 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Sportster 32 Tooth Front Pulley

Pulley, 32 Tooth

New York (2001, 1200)

Just a quick note to say how much I love this pulley! It does take a little getting used to, pulling away in first  gear, but that's small potatoes compared to the benefits. 70 mph in 5th, and I'm not breaking 3K RPM!

Gas mileage is great, and the motor isn't beating itself to death. I'm not into being quick, I do A LOT of highway miles, and this was just the ticket. This is something most Sportster owners should have. I highly recommend this product. You can have anyone that's interested give me a shout. I'll tell them, from an unbiased standpoint, how good it is.


- hoggryder1

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32 Tooth

Daytona, Florida (2005, 883)

put my 32 front sprocket on my 2005 883XL today. What a difference in a very, very good way. No more looking for 6th gear at 45 mph anymore. An hours work and $100 well spent. Really enjoy riding it much more now. And for those who were wondering about the 883 having the proper torque to pull the taller gear, no problem at all. Can accelerate just as fast, just have to open the throttle a little more to do so. Plenty of torque to pull the taller gear. Always used 2nd gear to go around a slow corner before, now I can use 1st gear and only use 5th gear above 40 mph where before I was in 5th at 30 mph. Anyone in the Daytona area who would like to try my bike to see if they would like it, come on by and ride mine. And if you decide you want one on your bike and are not comfortable doing the installation yourself, I might do some installation for others. I do have a brand new Harley factory 30 tooth sprocket I just bought in case the 32 didn't work out to sell and my used 28 tooth sprocket also is for sale. only 5000 miles on the 28 tooth. 


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32 Tooth Sportster Pulley

32 Tooth

Hancock, Michigan (2001, 1200)


Thanks again for putting this information out there on the 32T Transmission Pulley exchange.  I made the swap this past winter and last weekend it was 78F when normally just above freezing.  So I figured I would take my bike for a spin and test my work.  March 18 was the earliest launch date for me ever.  Well I found out I took enough material off of what I needed to and enjoyed the new feel.  Belt looked great. No gouges or damage from throttling down.  I had figured a 14% error so I adjusted my Speedo-Compensator and did not draw any attention from the flashing lights.  On the highway I never really had to take it out of 4th gear but did try 5th and hit 70 mph fast. SMOOTH.  I am looking forward to some trips planned this summer.  Again, thanks and Rubber Side down. 


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Pulley, 32 Tooth

Another Happy Rider, VA ('01 Buell, "Turbo")


Turbo (Chris' Buell) now has her European gear ratios, finally and at long last. My local bike shop stays extremely busy and she was due to be modified on the 20th of September, but the old pulley just wouldn't come off. So heat was planned to be applied and a new pulley seal (thingamajig) was required as the old one was sure to be destroyed in the process. When I brought the bike in for our appointment today, a can of Loctite shock-freezing spray was all she wrote for that stubborn pulley nut, it came right off. As you will see in the attached photos, only one of my pulley guard bosses had to be machined as I only have two and the other has oodles of clearance.

As you will also see, the pulley had to be mounted with the lip towards the center of the bike as opposed to the lip being towards the outside of the bike as is Buell standard. This subtle difference worked in our favor as the pulley guard has a rear mount which the lip would not have cleared.

Also included is a miscellaneous photo of my truck towing approximately 8500lbs, of which I am quite proud and insist you know about. (She is -aptly- named Brawnie)

Additionally, we were forced to find a skinnier nut for the purpose of axle adjustment to give Turbulence just a hint more room to adjust the axle and get that "scary loose" tension setting that tube-framed Buells require. We're talking 1/8's or 1/16's of an inch difference in nut sizes, it almost does not count as a mod to get the additional adjustment.

My thoughts:

Firstly, I want to express how obscene of an object the new pulley is. One could use that particular hunk of steel in self defense! It is a monster of a thing, heavy as hell and surely will change the flywheel behavior of the bike. In other words it is like running an extra heavy flywheel and all that that implies. I now understand why you are offering the aluminum versions. Personally quickness is not something I am chasing and my bike is still damn quick, and most certainly quick enough! As I expressed to once before, this gearing change becomes like installing a six-speed that does not have a 3rd gear, and I though I was going to miss 3rd. But because 2nd is longer now, and the ratio that (was previously 4th and) is now 3rd was always kind of on the low side, I am not really missing 3rd.

Additionally, almost certainly because of the heavier flywheel effect (which, Harleys are known for their hefty flywheels as it is) the bike seems a bit smoother all around.

Finally, let me just state that the moment I had been waiting for, top gear, was just as I had hoped. I now finally have a gear that is too tall for putting around the city and only really suitable for the highway. (This just goes to show how low the bike was geared that I could get into 5th gear around town.) Given that my default cruising speed on the interstate is somewhere north of 75, my bike finally FINALLY does not feel like she's wound all the way up!

Thanks for doing what you've done, Robert, Keep it up! You were a hell of a lot cheaper than trying to find and install a pair of Euro-spec gears!


 *  *  *  *  *  UPDATE: March 2012  *  *  *  *  *


Just checking in with ya. On my last three tanks I got 56, 53, and 55 miles to the gallon. Not bad for a 100hp bike with 1203cc worth of American iron in the middle. That 32 tooth pulley is workin' just fine. If my bike is any slower it's because of the rotating mass of the pulley, not the gearing changes because they're right where they should have been all along. No more accidental wheelies in second gear (How little was thought of this bike when it's ratios were figured?) But don't worry, when I only have 3 feet to the end of the sidewalk I happened to park on I can still lift the front in time to land flat. Eager to see how fast we can get to 120mph with some jetting adjustments.


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Buell Front Pulley
Buell Front Pulley
Rose and My Bike 012.JPG

Pulleys, 32 & 30 Tooth

Florida ('01 Trike & '04 Custom, 883's)

I would do it over and over again. When my son gets his Sporty next year this will be one of the first things we will do when he gets it. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a smoother ride and feel like you have 6th gear. Mpg have gone up if I keep a eye on my Speedo. 

 I have added the 30 tooth on the Trike. My wife loves it she thinks it smoothed out her ride. I have the 32 tooth in my 883C it has been the best thing I have done it is like adding a 6th gear. We both love the changes. LOL



*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Pulley, 30 Tooth

Australia, (2002, 883)

Hi Robert, just letting you guys know that the 30 tooth pulley I fitted to my sportster was a huge improvement for the trip I just did (3400KM). My bike is fitted with a Mikuny carb and as far as performance goes I believe the bike pulled just as hard as before but with more legs. Less revs at cruise, less vibration and temp and probably would of saved fuel if I had rode to the speed limit, definetly a good purchase. Even though pulley fitted with standard belt I fitted a longer belt 130T just to bring the wheel back to where it was. Attached is some pictures of bike it’s a 2002 883.



*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Sportster 30 tooth Front Pulley

Pulley, 30 Tooth

(1991, 883)

I recently had the 30 tooth pulley installed on my 1991 883 Sportster and as others have said, I'm not trying to shift into the imaginary 6th gear on the interstate like I used to find myself doing. I typically cruise on the local highways in 4th gear instead of 5th now and no longer have to open it up to stay with the bigger bikes cruising at interstate speeds and above. Even the mechanic who installed the pulley was skeptical but came away being impressed.

No problem, this is my work in progress with a Vetter fairing, hard saddle bags, and trunk bag.


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Pulleys, Rear 66 & Front 30 Tooth

(2012, 883)


Thank you for the 66T pulley. It fit perfectly on my 2012 XL883L Sportster with no need for any shimming. I have now replaced my 29T front pulley with a 30T, and I have replaced my rear 68T with the 66T pulley.

What I have found in the process is that my speedometer was originally off by 2 mph, so after the initial change to a 30T front pulley my speedometer was then correct at 70 mph in 5th gear. Then after the additional change to the 66T rear pulley and using a GPS, I am now approx 2.5 mph faster than the indicated speedometer speed of 70 mph. I also calculated that my RPM at 70 mph is maybe 300-350 rpm less than before both of the pulley changes. I was able to still use the stock belt after both pulley changes, but I am at the limit of adjustment with this belt, as the rear axle is moved almost all the way back.

So far I am very happy with both changes and don’t really notice a big difference in taking off from a dead stop, but I’m not really in the habit of jack rabbit starts to begin with.

This change is something I would recommend for anyone that was thinking about it as it has definitely lowered RPM at 70 mph, as well as RPM vs. speed in all gears and without really affecting drive ability.



*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Sportster Rear Pulley
Sportster Speedometer Correction

Speedometer Correction Kit, TC-HD1

Nevada (2006, 883/1200)


I am very happy with the Speedometer Correction Kit and the fact that you programmed it for me before shipping. It was an easy installation with good instructions. Checked my speedo against road side digital speed sign and it was right on the money. What a great product and good service.

Thank you.


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32 Tooth

Michigan (Sportster, 2000/1200) 


I did a front pulley conversion this spring on my 2000 XL1200 using your 32 tooth pulley kit. We went on a 1009 mile ride last weekend and really saw a difference in gas mileage. I was getting 39-41mpg prior due to the mods on my bike. With your pulley installed i got 43-46 mph. Based on those numbers i will recoup my costs with in the year or by next year.

One of my goals for installing the pulley was to lower the RPM's at highway speeds. The older hard mounts suffer from high frequency vibrations when traveling at 75-85mph which can put your hands and feet to sleep over time. My rpms dropped significantly enough I don’t get the vibrations much at all. This has satisfied me so much I’ll be keeping the bike for a long time now.

The best feature this pulley has added was it gave me a highway gear. I would usually shift into 5th at 55-60mph. I know don’t go into 5th until i hit 68-70mph making this a perfect highway gear more in line with what I wanted out of a bike.

Thanks for the great product and look forward to adding to some project bikes I will doing in the next few years.

FYI: installation was a snap. Grinding the dogs took longer than i expected. That was due to me being very particular about it so that ones on me. I also included a pic of the bike I put it on.



*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

32 Tooth Front Sportster Pulley
Sportster 32 tooth front pulley

32 Tooth

United Kingdom (2006/1200R)


Some time back I bought a 32 tooth pulley for my 2006 XL1200R. Along with other mods - a hammer performance 1250 kit, Mikuni carb, ported the heads,a Dynatek DSPT1 module and Cycle Shack taper mufflers - this pulley has set this just about right ! The bike has about 90+ BHP and 85+ ftlbs of torque and is all a sporty should be - if I accelerate and rev it to the 6500rpm level I set the module to, then it is near 100mph IN THIRD !!!!! 

Forth gear and you just drop the revs, and on the motorway - or highway/interstat as you call them - fifth gear is giving over 90 mph at 4000 rpm. Cruising at this speed is just right as with the lighter pistons in the Hammer big bore kit helping to improve the engine balancing, there is no more of the hand-numbing vibrations I experienced with the standard 1200cc engine and the (European) gearing of the 30 tooth pulley. 
Overall, I heartily emdorse the 32 tooth pulley and consider it one of the best things to do to ANY sportster. I have written to you before - it is my ride to and through Scotland that you feature on the site. 

High regards Robert, and greetings for the holiday season. 


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