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Cruise speed for 883, 70-75 MPH.  Cruise speed for 1200, 80-85 MPH.

Fits 2007-Up (2004-2006 with belt change to 1").The 32 pulley requires some modification to Pulley Cover standoffs and exhaust bracket. You can view install instructions with pictures  here:


Description: Front & Rear Pulley as a kit. Rear pulleys are used Harley 10-spoke x 1" belt, 66 Tooth. They are machined for Sportster, cleaned and painted with Harley style Black Wrinkle (Blacked-Out) "BBR"". Gloss Black Powder Coat (BPC), Black with Black Ring (BPR), Gray with Bright Ring (GPR). You must choose finish when you order. The 2004-2006 requires a 1" x 137 Belt (UB-10137).

  • International Sportsters: If you are replacing a "Cush Drive" rear pulley you will need the axle spacer used on Sportster with direct drive rear pulleys.

Accessory Kits:

  • 31 or 32 tooth front pulley with 66 tooth rear pulley.
  • Speedometer Corrector, "C" (specify if 2004. 2014-Up interferes with Gear Indicator)
  • Pulley Tools, Holder & Socket, "B"
  • Speedometer Corrector and Pulley Tools, "G"

Bolt Head Cover Kit

  • Aluminum billet painted black.
  • Set screws and wrench included.

Front 32 and 66 Pulleys and Kits

PriceFrom $39.95
  • Used rear pulley, machined for Sportster. Available Finishes:  black wrinkle (BBR), Black with Bright outer ring (BPR), and Gray with Bright outer Ring (GPR). Front pulley is new, painted cast steel. Available with tools and or Speedometer Corrector. Front & Rear Pulley as a kit. Fits 2007-Up (2004-2006 with belt change to 1")

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