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The 32 pulley requires some modification to Pulley Cover standoffs and exhaust bracket. You can view install instructions with pictures  here:


Model Description

  • 1991-2003; 32TS-1, Not reccommended for 883 (Pulley Only or with "B")
  • 1995-2003: 32TS-1.5, Not reccommended for 883 (with "C" or "G" Kit)
  • 2004-Up; 32TS-2 (Pulley Only or with "B" Kit)
  • 2005-Up: 32TS-2.1 (with "C" or "G" Kit)
  • 2004 Only; 32TS-2 (with "C" or "G" Kit)

Companion Kits:

  • Pulley Tools, "B" (Pulley Holder & Socket)
  • Speedometer Corrector, "C" (thru 2013)
  • Speedometer Corrector & Pulley Tools, "G" (thru 2013)

 Domestic & International Shipping

  • USPS, Priority Mail

To Order:

  • Click on the drop-down box above, Click on your bike year and choice (32 Tooth Front Pulley Only, 2004-Up)
  • Enter your bike year and model into the white box. (2005/883L)
  • Click on "Add To Cart" below white box. 
  • Go to "Cart" at top of page for checkout

Questions? "Contact Us" above

32 Tooth Pulley & Kits

PriceFrom $139.95
  • Pulley Only or with Companion Kit; pulley tools and/or speedometer corrector. Pulleys are Cast Steel & painted.


    • 1991- 2019

    Companion Kits:

    • Pulley Tools, add "B" (Holder & Socket)
    • Speedometer Corrector, add "C"
    • Speedometer Corrector & Pulley Tools, add "G"
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