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Home of the 31 & 32 Tooth Pulley!!

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These Interstate bars are tall enough to get your forearms about level to the ground, wide enough for parking leverage but narrow enough for arm comfort, your arms can "hang" on the grips with no wrist pressure. The bars are knurled, drilled & dimpled to fit your Sportster perfectly!

  • If you want to ride for hours, you want these handlebars.
  • There is appropriate pullback to allow your hands to grasp the grips without arm "twist", and allow you to sit straight without forward lean. Forward lean tires you and makes your back hurt on extended rides because your back is tense instead of relaxed.
  • These bars allow the rider to sit comfortably for long hours in the saddle. They are the tallest possible without replacing cables, and the narrowest without hitting your tank. EXCEPTION: Dual front disc models require longer front brake line.
  • California Residents pay Sales Tax
  • Domestic Shipping: USPS Parcel Post (2-10 days)
  • International Shipping: USPS, Priority Mail
  • Questions? Send them to us in the box above "Quantity".

Leather Covered Grips:

Don't put your old grips on your new bars! Don't ride another day with those "sticky" old grips that turn your hands black! These grips were designed specifically for you distance riders; you know who you are!

  • These don't get as hot in the sun as molded rubber grips
  • They look cool with chrome ends!
  • These are the grips you want!
  • A larger diameter than the original HD grips on your Sportster are simply more comfortable, they don't tire your hands.
  • A new throttle tube is already installed; you don't have to try and save the original.


  • Height: 4" tall
  • Pullback: 1-1/2" Pullback
  • Finish: Chrome

Shipping: USPS, Priority Mail or Parcel Select

Interstate Handlebars, Grips & Risers

$84.95 Regular Price
$74.95Sale Price
  • Carrier is USPS, Priority Mail Service.

  • Product is returnable within 30 days of purchase without restock fee. Customer pays return shipping.