Sportster Heel & Toe Shifter Kit:

Kit is complete to change your mid-controls toe shifter to a heel & toe shifter! Heel upshifting is quicker and easier than lifting your toe, and heel shifting keeps the top of your boot from scaring!

  • Finish: Bright Chrome
  • Screws: Socket heads with bright rust resistant finish are included
  • Model: HTS-SP2, Sportster 2004 - Up, mid-controls only
  • Model: HTS-SP1, Sportster 1991-2003, mid-controls only
  • Guarantee: 30 day exchange or refund
  • California Residents: Sales tax charged at checkout

Heel/Toe Shifter, Sportster

  • Chrome Heel & Toe Shifter Kit, complete with install tool and shift pegs installed. Nothing else to purchase!


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