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Front & Rear Pulley as a kit. Fits 2007-Up (2004-2006 with belt change to 1"). Rear pulleys are used Harley 10-spoke x 1" belt, 66 Tooth. They are machined for Sportster, cleaned and painted with Harley style black wrinkle (BBR), or black with bright outer ring (BPR), or gray with bright outer ring (GPR). 

  • International Sportsters: If you are replacing a "Cush Drive" rear pulley you will need the axle spacer used on Sportster with direct drive rear pulleys.

We offer Optional Kits:

  • 31 tooth front pulley (30 & 32 Front pulley in other ads).
  • Speedometer Corrector, "C" (specify if 2004. 2014-Up, interferes with Gear Indicator)
  • Pulley Tools, "B" (Holder & Socket)
  • Speedometer Corrector and Pulley Tools, "G"

Bolt Head Cover Kit

  • Aluminum billet painted black.
  • Set screws and wrench included.

Front 31 and Rear 66 Pulleys and Kits

PriceFrom $39.95
  • Used pulley, machined for Sportster. Natural Gray with Bright outer Ring, Black with Bright outer Ring, or re-painted with Harley Style Black Wrinkle with Black outer Ring.

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