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Front Pulley Installation Kit, Flanged Nut, 1991-2017 (Premium)

The Flanged Nut will not allow the nut to loosen. A Lockplate with slots can loosen which allows destruction of the splines in your pulley!

  • Flanged Nut: Machined with a rear "binding surface", black rust resistant finish
  • Screws: Socket head, black rust resistant finish (not furnished with Sprocket Nut)
  • Seal: Double Lip Design
  • Fitment:
  • Pulley Kits
  1. PKF-HD1: Sportster 1992-Up; Big Twin '91 - '05
  2. PKF-HD2: With Seal, Sportster 1992-1994
  3. PKF-HD2.5: With Seal, Sportster 1995-2005; Big Twin '91 - '05
  • Sprocket Kits
  1. SKF-SP1: Sportster, 1992-2020


  • Continental US; USPS, First Class Mail
  • International; USPS, First Class Mail

Flanged Pulley and Sprocket Hardware Kits

PriceFrom $29.95
  • Premium Flanged Nut, Seal optional

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