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Transmission Holding tool and Front Pulley Sockets

The Holding Tool: Using your rear brake and drive belt to hold the pulley absorbs much of the impact from your impact wrench, which makes loosening the left-handed nut difficult.

  • Stops the pulley from turning to allow removal of the pulley nut.
  • Stops the impact pulses from your impact gun from entering your transmission.
  • Holds the pulley when you install the Pulley Nut for accurate torque specification.
  • Keeps the tightening torque from being transmitted into the transmission.
  • PH-HD1: All Big Harley: Black painted finish
  • PH-SP1: All Big Harley, M8, & Sportster: Silver Finish

The Pulley Nut Socket X 1/2" square drive:

  • 1-7/8" hex: All Big Harley (until 2005) & Sportster
  • 2-1/4" hex: All Big Harley (2006-Up & M8) not Sportster
  • Fits your impact gun and torque wrench.
  • Black rust-resistant finish.

Video on removing the Primary:

Big Harley Tools; Front Pulley

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