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Front & Rear Pulleys as a kit, fits 2008-Up. Rear pulleys are used Harley 10-spoke x 1" belt, 66 Tooth, cleaned and painted with Harley style black wrinkle (BBR), Black with bright outer ring (BPR), or gray with bright outer ring (GPR): Please specify when ordering. Front Pulley is new. Both Front & Rear Pulleys are machined for XR1200. Front Pulley Cover requires modification. Rotary file included with kit, use your drill motor or die grinder. See pictures, RPMvsMPH and Installation sheets under "Which Pulley" in Menu.

We offer Optional Kits:

  • 30, 31 or 32 tooth Front & 66 Tooth Rear pulleys
  • Pulley Tools, "B" Kit (Pulleys, Holder & Socket)
  • Speedometer Corrector, "C" Kit (Pulleys & Corrector) Corrector will work on 2014-Up but stops Gear Indicator in Speedometer from working.
  • Speedometer Corrector and Pulley Tools, "G" Kit (Pulleys, Holder,  Socket & Corrector)
  • Pulley Bolt Head Covers: Black, billet aluminum, five covers, screws and wrench

XR1200 Kits: Front and Rear Pulley Kits

PriceFrom $29.95
  • This item is returnable without restock fee for 30 days from date of sale. Customer pays return shipping. Original shipping is not refundable.

  • Carrier is USPS, Priority Mail Service.

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