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Higher gearing equals higher road performance.
Front & Rear pulley kits.


Why "883Sportster"

You know it's true. Sometimes you just can't wait to get gas so you can get off for a few minutes; HD knew what they were doing when they stuck us with that little tank! For potential "upgrades" I'd search and ask for information on Harley Davidson focused websites. Anytime I asked questions at a "Harley" site the replies I'd get were something like:

  • "It's a Bar Hopper!"

  • "Just drive it!"

  • "Why don't you just get a real bike!"

  • "What do you expect, it's a girls bike!"

  • "Have you removed the training wheels?"

  • ...and, much of the time "Harley" riders don't even acknowledge a Sportster...

So here is A combination of "Sportster Stuff"  that allows you to ride for hours at a time, in comfort, with better than factory gas mileage and still be able to hear a conversation when you finally stop!

Why Change Your Front Pulley?

We all like to ride; I've got over 55,000 miles (and counting) on the odometer to prove it. You guessed it, I own a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster. I think the "big bikes" are great, cool, and have their designed purpose, they're just not me. But, I still like to ride! The way Harley Davidson designed the Sportster, especially the 883's, isn't really conducive to riding long distances or even staying in the saddle for more than an hour or so.


My 883 has both the 32 tooth front pulley and the rear 66 tooth pulley because I get great gas mileage, I cruise at a comfortable engine RPM, the motor doesn't get hot, and if I want to "go" there is something left!

The 32 tooth pulley is kind of like that elusive "6th gear" my foot had been looking for! If you have a tachometer, you know you shift around 3,000 - 3200 RPM; why would you want to cruise at 3,700-4,500 RPM? 

And to ease the "riding pains" in you neck, wrists, back and hands we have the answer! Our Interstate bars and leather covered larger diameter grips are just the ticket! Stay in the saddle longer by just switching to our Interstate bars and grips!

      Be Safe,

           Be Seen,

                 Be Comfortable,

 with products from 883Sportster!!!

Harley Davidson Sportster
XL883, XL1200 & XR1200 
Information & Products Available Here!!

 "Interstate" Pulleys;   30,   31,    32   Tooth:

Lower interstate engine rpm's, quieter exhaust, not as much shifting around town, cooler oil & engine temperatures!

 Front & Rear Interstate Kits:  30/66,  31/66,  32/66​​Front of your choice and a 66 tooth rear. Lower engine rpm's, cooler oil & engine temperature!

 "Street" Pulleys;   27,   28,   29   Tooth:

Quicker "off the line" performance  Easier 2-Up riding!!

Handlebars & Grip KitsThe Tallest available without new Cables & Wires! Comfort for Distance Rides! With Leather Grips, No More Black Sticky hands!

 Heel/Toe Shifter

​Shift quicker, easier & save the top of your boot! For 1991-Up!

And, it looks cool too!

 Pulley Cover & Belt Guard Kits​​

Show off your pulley, black or chrome!

 Speedometer Correctors
Adjust speedometer for change of pulley or tire size. No tools or computer required!

 Tail & Turn Signal:    Rear LED Kits;   Brake, Turn & Stop Module
​Three Lights are Better Than One!! Change the rear Turn Signals into quick acting LED Tail Light & Turn Signals! Or add a Module to change the Turn Signals into Brake, Turn & Stop Lights!

 Hi-Flow Air Cleaner

​Chrome or Black! Free-Flow for 1991-Up!

And, it looks cool too!

 Tools:   Sportster    and    Big Harley
​Make it easy on Yourself with These Specialty Sportster & Big Harley Tools!  Pulley Sockets, Pulley Holders, & Front Fork "No Scratch" Nut Socket!












 Technical Information (all)
​Know What to Expect Before You Spend Your Cash! MPH changes by pulley size, year & engine!

 Gearing Ratios Available:    Sportster    or   XR1200​ 
What ratio you have or can get. Charts with RPM & MPH​. The change you'll get with different ratios

 Installation & Operation Documents
Know how to do it before you order! 883Sportster Stuff!

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